NEW: SoCas CanMod for STAX L300, L500 & L700

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More pictures are coming soon

This is our 3D printed CanMod for Stax L300, L500 and L700 series Earspeakers.

Modify the look and sound of your Stax Earspeakers and gain better comfort!

Install this mod as it is or paint the steel grill to your personal preference!

Sound: Open and detailed as you expect from a pair of STAX, now with “built in” PadMod and sound equal to that of a stock L300/L500/L700 with PadMod without ports. (My personal favorite setup! /Casper)

Comfort: This mod allows for mounting high quality Hifi ear pads such as the likes of Brainwavz or ZMF produces (83mmx108mm Mount) or the range of “Sony style” XB earpads found on places like eBay or Aliexpress, (XB500/XB700/XB1000 series, XB700 being my personal favorite for size and comfort /Casper)

Also this CanMod has been designed to allow for Full motion tilt on the headband whereas the original Cans will get stock on the top if you try to tilt the top outwards. which is needed in some cases (depending on headsize and ear pads selected)

This page will be updated with more pictures and links for a video modding guide as these become available.

Ear pad mount style:
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