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SoCas PadMod for Original Stax Lambda


Price is per set

This is our 3D printed adapter plates that works with Stax electrostatic earspeakers, specifically:

  • Origial Stax Lambda (these plates measure 75mm x 120mm)

Confirmed ear pad compatibility 83mm x 108mm mount:

  • ZMF Oval ear pads

  • Brainwavz ear pads (oval)

Confirmed ear pad compatibility XB Mount:

  • XB 500 ear pad (Sony)

  • XB 700 ear pad (Sony)

  • XB 1000 ear pad (Sony)

In our opinion the ported adapter option adds some low end to the sound.

In our opinion the non-ported adapter option widens the soundstage.

Mounting instructions:

Use double sided tape or the remaining goo left behind from the stock pads to stick the PadMod to your earspeakers.

Production time: 2-4 days.


  • This is only adapter plates. The Stax headphones and the ear pads in the pictures are not included.

  • This is a mod - Use it at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any damage caused by the use of our products.

  • As they are custom made to order, we cannot offer any returns.

Ear pad style:
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207PadMod (3).jpg
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207PadMod (3).jpg
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