Here at SoCas we only collect the most necessary data:

For visitors at

  • IP Address, what you are looking at and what you are clicking on. This is done to optimisme our web page and our business.

For costumers at

  • Name and billing/shipping address.
    • This is necessary for us to be able to send you the stuff you bought.
  • E-mail and phone number.
    • We use this to contact you, if this should be necessary.
  • What you bought.
    • Of course this is important to know.

We use the following service providers:

  • Squarespace, for our web page
  • Stripe, as a payment option
  • PayPal, as a payment option
  • Gmail, for handeling e-mail communication
  • Dinero, for accounting

Some of the data we collect about you will be shared with these companies (only what is relevant in regards to the service they are providing). To ensure your data security, we have a DPA (Data Processing Addendum) with each of the companies.

Data collection